" Will a history of greed and ignorance repeat it-self and unknowgly make us irrelevant ?

Did we learn anything ?"

Underground Resistance

@ Submerge, Detroit

Born & raised in the French countryside​

You should visit my hometown Uzerche once in your life. You'll feel like a knight.


But that's not where our love story with Electronic Music started...


I was already 17, attending my first concerts, festivals & raves. The sonic thunder hit my mind, body, and soul. Deeply.


I felt so uplifted by the forgotten sense of collective joy, I knew I had to contribute to the global celebration of life. Sincerely.


So, I danced & listened carefully for many years. 

Then I was ready to get into spinning tracks. Relentlessly.

Have you met Openizer ?

As a DJ, I mostly performed in Europe (France, Germany, Belgium).

I also had the chance to play in cool clubs in Mexico city & Montreal,

or in alternative festivals like Nowhere, the European Burning Man or Bellastock.


Beyond Sonic Celebration

I love building decorations and making disguises to bring awesomeness in the physical world, 

especially with my mates from "Les Animaux du Futur" [Paris based art collective]


I love contributing to meaningful Commons oriented initiatives


I cofounded Social Media Squad to make a living out my love for the collective creation enabled by the Internets. 


I also cofounded Jerry Do It Together to offer production processes & inspiration to make local changemakers create their own IT infrastructure & useful free software applications. [Mashable Video @ Tchad]

Thanks for reading, hopefully, we'll meet.

Will do my best to be fair & fun.

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